A great way to show support for local law enforcement is to hold a recognition event. There are several different ideas for this but the goals of each are the same: thanking and acknowledging the hard work of law enforcement in your town. This can be an event that could be open for the entire community to attend and to show support.

NEWS UPDATE: 2018 KY Governor's Impaired Driving Enforcement Awards

The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety (KOHS) honored more than 200 law enforcement officers from 175 agencies across the Commonwealth on December 12th, 2018, for their efforts to target impaired drivers. The 2018 Governor’s Impaired Driving Enforcement Awards ceremony was held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Lexington.  Awards were presented to officers with the most impaired-driving arrests in each agency and Highway Safety All-Star awards were presented to the top three in each division.  There are six divisions, broken down by number of officers within the agency, and a division for Kentucky State Police and the Department of Fish and Wildlife.  All winners received a plaque, while the top three winners from each division were presented with the Highway Safety All-Star Award – an encased commemorative baseball bat from Louisville Slugger.


  • 2018 Impaired Driving Awards – Division Winners
  • 2018 Impaired Driving Awards – Individual Winners
  • 2018 Impaired Driving Awards Winners for Social Media
  • 2018 Impaired Driving Award Winners List by RPC Region

Law Enforcement Recognition Event Goals:

  • Show support and/or raise funds for local law enforcement
  • Gain media coverage for the good work your group is doing
  • Create a strong relationship with police departments and community leaders

What you will need:

  • A date, time and location to hold event
  • An organized group to plan and carry out the event

How to carry out the event:

  • Determine what the focus of the event will be - community fundraiser; press event; recognition banquet
  • Set a date at least six (6) months in advance
  • Identify officers to recognize and list of people to invite (mayor; city council; local legislators; media)
  • Send out invitations two (2) months in advance and follow up a few weeks beforehand
  • Get local business to donate items for raffles, prizes, or silent auction
  • Arrange a timeline for event - welcome; dinner, recognition; wrap-up
  • Confirm with media two (2) days before event

Follow Up:

  • Send out follow up thank you cards for distinguished guests
  • If media was unable to attend, send a summary of the event
  • Continue to work and support law enforcement and try to make this project an annual event

A law enforcement recognition event is an environmental strategy and a great way to show appreciation and support for the hard work and dedication of law enforcement. This event can also help to gain valuable community support for your group's efforts as well.