KEG Regist


Keg Registration, also called Keg Tracking, requires wholesalers or retailers to attach a tag or sticker with an ID# to kegs exceeding a specific capacity.  Keg Registration enables law enforcement to identify and take legal action against adults who purchase and provide beer kegs to underage youth.


Keg Registration is intended to reduce underage access to cheap alcohol, and send a clear message the community will not tolerate underage drinking.  It is most effective when used as part of a comprehensive strategy to prevent alcohol-related problems within a community or state. APIS, NIAAA, 2016


Kegs can enable a single adult over 21 to illegally supply alcohol to dozens of youth.  The low-cost, high-volume nature of kegs encourages high-risk binge and heavy drinking, which can result in tragic consequences and even death from alcohol poisoning.  The first keg tracking program was enacted in response to a young person’s alcohol-related drowning in Massachusetts. FACE Truth and Clarity on Alcohol

Download the Keg Registration Fact Sheet to learn more about Kegs and Binge Drinking in Kentucky

Kentucky Keg Registration Ordinances 

List updated October 2019 (14 known)

Click on city or county to view ordinance.  Ordinances underlined may be downloaded from this site or from the KY ABC website

  1. Bowling Green - passed September 2008
  2. Danville - passed April 2010
  3. Franklin (City) - passed September 2012
  4. Georgetown - passed September 2012
  5. Grayson (City) - passed 2013
  6. Jessamine County
  7. Junction City - passed November 2013
  8. Lexington / Fayette County - passed November 2003
  9. Marshall County - passed September 2015
  10. Morgantown -  passed September 2016
  11. Olive Hill - passed 2014
  12. Richmond - passed February 2004
  13. Somerset - revised 2012
  14. Woodford County - passed February 2004


31 States and D.C. have a statewide Keg Registration Law; however, Kentucky has NO state Keg Tracking System. NIAAA APIS, 2018  

Kegs, Binge Drinking & Youth Access to Alcohol: Quick Facts

  • Underage drinking cost the citizens of Kentucky $648.2 million in 2013. PIRE, 2015
  • Kentucky ranks 7th highest among the 50 states for the percentage of alcohol consumed underage. PIRE, 2015
  • Teens and college students, most of whom are first-time or inexperienced drinkers, are the most likely to binge drink.  90% of all alcohol consumed by youth 12-20 years of age is in the form of binge drinking. CDC Vital Signs Report, January 2012
  • About 50,000 people suffer from alcohol poisoning each year, and some die as a result. OJJDP Juvenile Justice Bulletin, September 2012
  • One of the most dangerous causes of alcohol poisoning is binge drinking. Mayo Clinic, 2008
  • Beer kegs are a popular source of alcohol for teens, especially at underage drinking parties. Wagenaar, 2000; PIRE, 2005 
  • Youth usually obtain kegs through third-party transactions by older friends. PIRE, 2005
  • Keg Registration encourages sellers to be responsible, discourages adults from purchasing for underage youth, and deters youth from attempting to purchase alcohol. PIRE, 2005