Impaired Driving


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  1. When is it CLEAR?  Impaired Driving is 100% Preventable!!

  2. 2015 KY Top 3 Fatal Driving Behaviors

  3. 2015 KY Drunk Driving Crashes Involving Teen Drivers

  4. KY Alcohol-Related Collisions 5-Year Trend Data: 2011-2015

  5. KY Alcohol Arrests 2014 vs. 2015

  6. Nearly 3 in 4 KY Liquor Law Violation Arrests are to Youth Under-21

  7. How to Spot a Drunk Driver

  8. What to do if you spot an impaired driver - CALL 911!


  1. The Kentucky State Police recently released their 2015 Traffic Collisions Report and Crime in Kentucky Reports.  This new data clearly demonstrates KY is making progress towards preventing alcohol impaired driving and related deaths, but much still needs to be done. 

  2. Friday, Aug. 19, begins the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Drive Sober Crackdown Labor Day High Visibility Enforcement Campaign that runs through Monday, Sept. 5.  You can access National Infographics at

  3. The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety (KOHS) recently launched the “Triple Crown of Highway Safety” Towards Zero Deaths KY Webpage to promote secure, sober and distraction free driving. 

  4. The KOHS KY Drive Sober App is another cool resource for your Apple, Android and Windows Personal Devices featuring a BAC estimator, Impairment Goggles, Find a Ride, and Text a Friend resources.

  5. CADCA released an Online Impaired Driving Prevention Toolkit designed to provide coalitions, law enforcement partners and drug prevention practitioners with strategies to prevent and reduce impaired driving in their communities. Equipped with the findings from key research in the field, the toolkit's Impaired Driving Prevention Strategies highlight CADCA's 7 Strategies for Effective Community Change, with an emphasis on an environmental approach.

December is National Drugged and Drunk Driving Awareness Month


  1. Educate your legislators and community to raise awareness about the effects of impaired driving and need to prevent this 100% preventable crime
  2. Volunteer for MADD
  3. Promote alcohol and drug addiction treatment, and help publicize treatment and mental health resources
  4. Sponsor your minister or faith-based organization leader to attend an addiction treatment training
  5. Recognize teen drinking is more than just a highway safety issue
  6. Recognize the signs of a drunk driver and report intoxicated driving by calling 911
  7. Support local law enforcement by supplying coffee, soft drinks or snacks at a local safety check-point, or passing out literature on drunk driving and child endangerment at a check-point
  8. Increase media support and local awareness by hosting a MADD Tie One On for Safety Event
  9. Encourage others to take the MADD Pledge not to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and plan for designate a safe driver if they know they will be out drinking this holiday season
  10. Always wear your seatbelt