July: A dangerous month for teens

While it is always a good time to talk early and talk often to your youth about alcohol, the number of teens trying alcohol for the first time peaks in July.  Summer, before the fall semester begins, is the perfect time to start or renew conversations with your teen about alcohol.  

In July, youth under 18 begin drinking alcohol EVERY 8 SECONDS. SAMHSA, 2012; MADD, July 2014


Alcohol PES 2019 Parents of College Bound Students: Don't Let Go Too Soon Infographic (pdf)

Parents are the #1 INFLUENCE when it comes to teens & alcohol

1. Make it clear your expectation is no-alcohol use before 21
2. Agree on consequences and enforce them consistently
3. Discuss real-world consequences of underage drinking including the high fines for a minor in possession, risks of drunk driving, or loss of driver’s license or scholarship
4. Emphasize the facts — underage drinking can negatively impact health, safety and academics
5. Discuss ways to handle difficult situations where alcohol use by other students may create a problem — interrupted study time or unwanted sexual advances
6. Become familiar with the school’s alcohol use policy together
7. Demonstrate your willingness to help find constructive alternatives to drinking
8. Stay in regular communication, and talk in ways that show caring, trust and respect


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Last reviewed: 7/11/2007